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A wide range can be offered from on site changes to remote changes where applicable and this can include advice
  1. Current Working Environment
    I currently have my own Lab which include various telephone systems such as BCM 400 and 50 as well as CS1000 SSC and CPPM processors. I have the ability to build or rebuild virtually any number of systems to order and have been able to check out databases with corruption issues etc.
  2. Previous Working Environment
    I had worked at the BT Configuration Centre based at Taunton, Somerset UK, which specialises in providing quality configuration services, based around Nortel (NT) Meridian, Succession products. Services include customised configuration, remote programming and surveying of site switches, providing 2nd line support.
  3. Training Skills
    Here is a basic list of the courses that I have completed in the last 30 years. Virtually all the “Meridian 1” courses whilst I have been with the BT configuration centre. The entire Meridian “Norstar” range from 14 years ago. This also includes the “Companion” wireless range of systems. Although I’ve not had training on the later UK Norstar software versions, I have managed to find time to keep up with developments on the Product. This also applies to all the Nortel BCM range which I’ve worked on.
  4. Training Reports
    Succession 1000M Converged Platform Configuration & Maintenance Communication Server 1000S/M Release 3 to Release 4 Delta, Communication Server 4.5 Converged IP Telephony Solutions, BCM50 Rls. 3.0 Installation & Initial Configuration BCM50 Rls. 3.0 & BCM200/400 Rls. 4.0 Installation, Configuration & Maintenance CallPilot Rls. 5.0 Installation & Configuration, CS1K Rls 7.5 – Support Specialist Bootcamp 2 week course
  5. Additional Information
    I became a field engineer because I wanted to work and mix with customers / engineers and needed to gain experience which I had missed through being office based for many years. 14 years have been spent working in the BT Taunton Configuration Centre. This has enabled me to develop skills in the configuration of Meridian Option 11 – 81, CS1000 switchboards. I have produced documentation guides.
  6. Job description details during my working career
    • Aware of the commercial, financial, & technical issues for the Avaya products such as BCM and CS1000 etc. • Achieve all targets within time scales for faults & remote Nortel/Avaya programming work. • Deal with both internal & external customers on any technical query presented to me. • Adapted to evolving operational work processes. • Deal with both internal & external customers on any technical query presented to me.
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